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Pergola House Secret Afternoon Tea – Aberto de 6ª feira a Domingo das 16h às 19h
Avenida Valbom, 13
2750-508 Cascais
Reservations: 214840040 de 3ª feira a Domingo, entre as 16h e as 21h.
Email: Pergola.house.tea@sapo.pt
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/PergolaHouseTea


Discretely hidden on one of the central streets of Cascais Town, there is a magical spot which keeps, beyond its entry gate, secrets that can be tasted between tea cups and freshly baked scones.

In this centenary house, framed by an almost always-blue sky and a well-kept garden, part of its brand image, there are stories and rituals that still exist after generations in the same family. Secrets, which we would like to share with you. We open the door of Pérgula House. Come with us.

To enter we need to ring the bell. After getting in, we are driven through narrow halls with Portuguese cobblestone as pavement, enlightened by the vibrant colours of the flowers nearby. Peace reigns here, between the green of the trees and bushes, the small fountain with water lilies and a statue, which calmly observes us passing by.

We are soon by the entry door from where you can see a cosy hallway. We are then welcomed with wide smiles and friendly gestures. We feel at home.

Pérgula House has belonged to the same family since the beginning of the XX century, when the great grandfather of Patricia – the current owner, together with her father, Manuel – had decided to buy it in order to offer as a gift to his daughter. With an exuberant personality, Patricia’s grandmother couldn’t resist the charm of this beautiful house and decided to live there, filling this space with life.

During the 80’s, the house passed into Manuel’s son’s hand. It was because of Patricia’s education, linked to Hospitality Management, and the interest that this house caused amongst a number of tourists who passed by, that, in 1985, this house was officially transformed into a Guest House. Today, this emblematic and famous guesthouse attracts dozens of regular foreign visitors.

“My father is the head-gardener of the house”, says Patricia. Being a true ex-libris and even though it is maintained by a hired gardener, the main garden is carefully managed by Manuel, who enjoys to take care of the fresh life in memory of his mother, who used to love flowers.

It is a family business. Sofia is responsible for the cosy and classic tearoom. Between Friday and Sunday, the five o’clock tea ritual is promoted with all the necessary requirements. Biologic source teas, cakes and home made scones, many times recently baked, jams and sweets, natural juices and infusions, are some of the motto to enjoy a delicious and quiet snack, that in the warmer months – which in Cascais are most of them – can also be appreciated in the garden at the iron tables and chairs. The bougainvillea and other trees, the trimmed bushes and many species of flowers, side by side with the birds who make their nest there, are a pleasant company that bring to this experience a charm and special romance.

This house has only ten bedrooms, all of them different with careful and unique decoration, assuring the peacefulness of the stay, and a service as close and personalised as possible. The main living room that you reach after following a corridor painted in serene blue, makes us feel like we’re in a scene from another time and place, close to the original British cottages from the past century. It makes us wish to stop the clock and enjoy every corner, in a long pause for reading, or simply enjoying the silence.

Now you know, whenever you visit us, this is a place you can’t miss. Whether to enjoy the quiet ritual of tea, served to perfection, or for a longer stay in this beautiful and refined century house, this is definitely a spot you must include on your route, in another visit.

In Cascais we practice the art of welcoming guests. Come for a reason, stay for many.












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