Carcavelos :: Make the most of a winter day, till the very last sunbeam

In Cascais, you never have to worry about feeling cold. With average temperatures of a mild 15 degrees, even during the heart of winter, the colder, greyer days can be no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors. On the contrary, most of these days seem to offer the ideal conditions for practicing some sports. Put your gear on and make the most of it!

The sea, the sand, the seawall and the numerous terraces along the beach are an unrefusable invitation to get out. Here in Cascais you’ll never miss the conditions, space or motivation to enjoy your weekend, whether in family activities full of adrenaline or in a relaxing opportunity to chill from your daily routine.

Come with us in discovering one of these excellent places where all this is possible. Carcavelos beach, an elected spot for many years, by national and international surfers.

It is well known that in Cascais the sun shines around 300 days per year. Over here, we enjoy making the most of it quite intensively, recognising the privilege and advantages it brings. What do we do for the other 65 days? On those cold and windy days? Very simple: we put on our most comfortable clothing, get out and enjoy the day just like any other!

Carcavelos beach is, without any question, one of the best places for days like this. One of the busiest beaches during the summer is also an appreciated spot during the winter. There are even those who prefer this time of the year, where the less busy beach doesn’t lose its charm, especially because of the freedom of movement this vast extension of sand enables.

In a simple glance it is easy to understand that there is nothing unappreciated on this unique beach, even during a cold winter afternoon. Practicing sports, at sea or on the sand, playing, dating or simply walking on the beach, it is possible to enjoy and relax with everything it offers.

Splashed alongside the seawall, near the marginal road or along the beach, the numerous terraces, cafés and restaurants are equally seductive in their invitation to serenity. A moment to spend with family or friends, to have an early dinner or simply to relax, read a book together with a warm drink. Just let your heart choose. The sea breeze, the song of seagulls and the sound of the waves breaking on the beach are guaranteed company.

Now picture yourself here, where besides being able to walk along a large extension of the seawall, with the horizon always in sight, you can also walk your dog, jog, bike, skate or roller skate, anything is possible!

Of all the sea-sport fans we find, surfers and body boarders are definitely the best advocates for this beach. For decades, this area has been recognised as an excellent spot for learning and enjoying these two sports, and for this reason there are many schools that allow the learning and improving of the art of riding a wave on Carcavelos beach .

Last, but not least, the daily show it enables: the sunset. It can be observed along the wide extension of sand, reflected over the ocean, without any architectonic barriers in between. Carcavelos beach is the daily stage of magnificent sunsets, generous light and colour shows, all freely enjoyed.

Without any question, Carcavelos is known for its sea, but it would be diminishing to just call it a beach for its great waves. Carcavelos is, above all, a spot for good vibes, a kind of safe haven for good moods and outdoor living, up until the last sunbeam. Hot or cold, Carcavelos is always an inviting place. Come and make us company!














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