Nova School of Business and Economics Campus – where the future starts in a sunny spot


Education, qualification and preparation are the criteria directly linked to Superior Education.
What if we told you that in Cascais these same criteria are also linked to the sun, sea and surf?
Don’t be surprised, there are some places where everything is possible. Even preparing the leading professionals of the future in a both cool and futuristic environment.

There’s nothing like seasoning life with new salt, giving it new flavour.
With this in mind and in a strategic location that gathers excellent conditions to attract foreign students from all over the world, the famous Business and Economics school from Universidade Nova de Lisboa has decided to move its most recent campus closer to the sea… to Cascais.

This bold project includes modern infrastructure, within 10 hectares of land and able to accommodate 3.350 users – from which 3.100 will be students – being divided into two distinct areas. Outside, landscapers will conceive gardens and ramps facing the sea. Inside, the campus will include distinctive auditoriums, classrooms, a library, administrative services and study areas open 24 hours a day, as well as a restaurant and sporting areas. Within these we highlight a gym, a surf house and sporting courts.

Don’t you agree that this is a dream, being able to study in a place like this, neighbouring the beach, with waves and seagulls as background music?

According to predictions, Nova School of Business and Economics campus will open its doors in 2018. The project leaders don’t hide their main ambition: to position this school in the top 10 European ranking. All this with a Californian lifestyle to it. The best of both worlds.

“We want to attract young talent, from all over the world, to Portugal and let them bond with our country”, are some of the words from the project coordinator, Pedro Santa Clara.

To reach its ambitious goals, nothing is left behind. Besides its privileged location, the selected architectural and engineering project is a reflection of this school’s philosophy – where components such as modernity, boldness and ambition are not forgotten – while perfectly communicating with the surrounding environment and harmoniously taking the most from the terrain and the multiple sea views it enables.

The arrival of this important superior education campus to this council is another proof that Cascais is not sleeping over what is important to its destination. “Nova SBE has been highly awarded in several international rankings. Financial Times, for example, considers that this university has the fifth best Masters in Management program in the world and one of the top 20 in Finance”. Welcoming all this potential – consolidated and acknowledged – and surrounding it with an attractive lifestyle for both students and the faculty body is having the ability to catch the future’s best waves and transform them into a foam of successful upcoming days.

Stay close and get your surfboard ready. Cascais and “Nova School of Business and Economics” in Carcavelos will prepare you with your best resume.

By Margarida Brito | Text and Pictures











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