Dream Houses :: An oasis for the body, mind and spirit

Quinta da Marinha is one of the most exclusive, refined and simultaneously quiet places in Cascais. Placed between a horizon of sea and the density of vegetation with mediterranean characteristics, this luxurious residential area provides an incomparable life quality for those who live there.

It is precisely there that this dream house is located, with details and secrets that we would love to reveal.

Totally rebuilt by a Portuguese family with three children, the theme for this house reconstruction was the creation of a unique environment where simplicity and permanent contact with nature became the conducting guideline.

Its sober and contemporary architectural lines reveal the preference for a simple lifestyle. However, every small detail that could add comfort and wellbeing throughout the day wasn’t missed, not even the elevator to connect every floor was forgotten.

Every room has large areas, abundant sunlight incoming from its spacious windows and glassed walls, ethnic and Asian inspiration for the decoration, while the materials used have a natural source such as stone and wood which balance the arid yet solid nudity of the concrete. With earth and dirt tones, the coherency and consistency of the decorative elements remind us of the Mediterranean summer breeze, the omnipresent Indian spirituality. All this defines and surrounds the house and its gardens, with a clear appeal to tranquillity of body, soul and spirit.

The house has five suites, one fully-equipped master suite with a closet, a large social area where two different environments coexist, the living room and the dinning room in an open space, a cosy yet modern kitchen, all of them giving space for a lively perfect family life communion.

On another perspective we look at its multiuse areas such as the gym, the massage room, the club, the home cinema with bar, and the splendid terrace with a captivating view over the Atlantic Ocean (and its unrepeatable sunsets) where we find its amazing Jacuzzi, perfect for relaxing while drinking a refreshing cocktail, after a long day at work, an exterior pool and the pleasant gardens, with numerous pieces from Asia. Once again, everything is aligned with the indoor atmosphere, the sensation of wellbeing and harmony with nature, all together these are details of refinement that make this place more than a dream. Even the birds choose this place to make a nest and hatch their eggs!

But wait, if you think you have already surrendered to the charms we have just described, you should know that the luxury found here doesn’t start or end inside its 2200 m2 lot, with 700 m2 of construction area. This small oasis is located only five driving minutes away from the centre of Cascais, next to the Marina and in its surroundings you can find many different spaces. From relaxation spaces such as the Quinta da Marinha golf course, the tennis court, the Health & Racquet Club, the Horse Riding centre and Guincho beach, worldwide known for being the best windsurf beach in Portugal.

If you are looking for a quiet, safe, simple while refined place, close to everything and away from busy urban daily life, where you can enjoy life at its fullest, together with your family and friends this is, for sure, the house that the Universe has conjured up for you. Come to Cascais and schedule your visit. We are sure that this dream house is somewhere on your destination route.

|Our thanks to the owners of this house and to Luxus| www.luxus.pt, Real Estate Agency responsible for the commercialisation of this house.

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