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Nested within the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park there’s an almost secret place, inaccessible to the most curious eye, where living in safety and quietness is simultaneously a commitment and a brand image.

We invite you to follow a path of meandering roads, down to what might be your dream house.

Besides the exuberant landscape of the neighbouring Sintra mountains, there’s not much that can be seen beyond its walled boundaries. Only after crossing the reception gate will one be able to unveil the exclusive secrets hiding at Quinta da Penha Longa.

The first feeling you’ll embrace is of extreme quietness. The wide space, comfortably nested in the mountain foothills, restfully poses in the green valley, calling for a moment of contemplation. The set of houses harmoniously distributed around it, invite all its visitors to stay.

The charms of Quinta da Penha Longa have been known and coveted for a long time. What many might not know is that this is more than a beautiful place but also one of immense history. It all dates back to the XIV century, when St. Hieronymus decided to build a monastery. Its mild climate and abundace of game running around the Sintra mountains made it one of Portuguese Royal Family’s favourite destinations for five centuries.

Currently transformed into a resort, Quinta da Penha Longa, includes all the characteristics that a dream place deems necessary. Especially for those who appreciate close contact with nature. Its golf course is recognised as one of the 30 best in Continental Europe, and for outdoor fans, Horse riding and tennis are some of its welcoming cards.

For all of this, finding your dream house here is a privilege only for those who can grasp it.

The house we present you today is a perfect example of this. Ideal for a family and welcoming friends, even for longer periods.

Its total area is 2707m2 and includes a one-family house, with two pools – one of them heated – garden, gym/spa and bungalow/chill-out.

Inside, 6 generous suites and a totally independent T1 await a numerous family, adept of life’s comforts in the country. From the cinema, to the games room, passing through a wine cellar, laundry and services room, this house ensures that all your dream commodities are included.

When designing this house, absolutely nothing was left behind. The superb use of the door space with its garden, mirrored in the elegant pool, driving you to the natural interior of the house, through wide glass windows which turn the landscape into a magical setting of daily life. Comfort is guaranteed both by the quality of all materials used as well as by the exalted use of every space.

On your next visit to Cascais, don’t be shy. You’re already invited to discover the elegant Quinta da Penha Longa and this wonderful house, which anxiously awaits a family. The invitation we are offering you is, in fact, a passport to first-class life. Who can resist?


Margarida Brito | Text and Photography

Images from the Architectural Project| House & Home

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