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Monte Estoril is one of the most charming, emblematic and historical places on the Estoril-Cascais coast.

Living in a place like this is feeling as if you were on holidays, 365 days a year.

This magical place was designed, in the beginning of last century, to become a holiday resort for noble and high bourgeoisie families from Lisbon and Cascais. However, it still preserves the same calm and beauty from other times.

Back then, not only the wealthy Portuguese fell in love with these sunny slopes and beautiful buildings, within leafy pinewoods and privileged views over the intense blue horizon. Many glamorous chalets were seasonally occupied by foreign families, many of them part of the monarchy and European aristocracy, exiled in Cascais and Estoril, during the II World War. There were casinos, luxurious private parties, distinct hotels and people practiced all kind of sports, tennis being the favourite.

There are many surviving traces of the laid back, wealthy and happy lifestyle, present in the local architecture of ancient palaces and beach chalets, characterised by good taste and innovative boldness of architects and engineers who intended to make Monte Estoril as the Portuguese Riviera.

Over time and with the dawn of the new century, some new construction joined the older and historical. However, the communion between old and new has never created any conflict with Monte Estoril’s landscaping harmony.

This is the the case of this small condo, which makes perfect justice to the charms of the first buildings that populated this area. This small and discrete set of apartments perfectly merges with the landscape and the intense green from the surrounding trees. The view couldn’t be more astonishing – Cascais bay and it’s intense blue, divided by the sky and the sea.

This is also another excellent example of how this place, with its enormous beauty and characteristics, keeps attracting citizens from all over the world. This property belongs to a North European family and the house was chosen for its excellent location, but not just that ..

The mild sunny climate, the quiet lifestyle guaranteed by the surrounding nature were important elements which made this family fall in love with the property, during one of their frequent trips to Portugal for golf tournaments, the favourite sport of some family members.

Although travelling frequently throughout the world, this is where they found the characteristics that they most appreciated: sun, light, being able to practice several sports – as they also play tennis and enjoy horse riding – and the availability of excellent bilingual education establishments for their children. Another important element is the strategic location regarding Lisbon international airport, only 30 minutes away by car, especially important for those who travel often.

This house, divided on four floors with large rooms also includes different facilities – including a lift enabling access to each floor – became too small for the growing family, that is also now looking for more space to welcome their friends and family, frequent visitors. For this reason, this property is now available on the real estate market.

If you imagine spending your days listening to the birds singing, surrounded by a fresh forest air while keeping the sea and Sintra mountains always in sight, in a place where you can feel as though you are on holidays, all year long, then don’t wait any longer to pay a visit. There are many people with the same dream and yours can become true, so don’t miss it.

Special thanks to Oxana Mateus | A. Santo Mediação Imobiliária, Lda

Text by Margarida Brito

Pictures gently provided by A. Santo Mediação Imobiliária, Lda

















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