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Cascais and Lisbon International Airport

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It is not only because of the exceptional life quality that so many international citizens choose Cascais as their home away from home. In fact, this town offers a unique advantage – the proximity and easy access to Lisbon International Airport.

Lisbon International Airport is located right in Lisbon city centre, Portugal’s capital, only 25 km away from Cascais, with highway connections. Unlike what can be seen elsewhere in Europe and around the World, Lisbon’s airport is located within the city’s urban boundaries.

This fact assures an easy and comfortable access to the public transport network including bus stations, underground (metro), and trains to Cascais and Sintra, allowing you to quickly reach your destination. If you´re driving, you will only need 10 to 15 minutes to reach the city centre/downtown and about 30 minutes to get to Cascais or Sintra. Finally, if you decide to come to Cascais by train, you just need to catch the metro to Cais do Sodré then catch the fast Lisbon-Cascais train. In less than 60 minutes you’ll find yourself relaxing by the sea, or drinking a fresh gin on a terrace in Cascais.

Lisbon International Airport is nowadays the main entry for residents and visitors arriving in Portugal. In 2015, more than 20 million passengers used one of its terminals, a growth of 10,7% in comparison with the previous year.

Those who spend some time at Lisbon Airport are surprised by its cosy, well-organised and modern facilities. With the main goal of making the access and inner circulation as easy as possible, a wide range of signs and equipment has been implemented, with special attention paid to check in, luggage pick up and boarding areas.

However, the biggest surprise comes from the set of international luxury brands present at this airport, the sterling duty free store and the restaurant area which appeases to the most demanding tastes and preferences from world travellers, with a special focus on traditional Portuguese cuisine.

For those that live in Cascais, being close to a prime International Airport is more than a mere advantage, it’s a “luxury” to all of those to whom “time is money”. Lisbon Airport connects you to more than 100 destinations in Europe, Africa, Russia, Brazil, Latin America, USA, Canada and Dubai.

On the other hand, for those to whom Cascais is their final destination there is a sincere appreciation in the comfort of having a short trip home via the A5, a safe and direct highway to Cascais, after a long tiring journey.

For foreign citizens who have invested in this location, acquiring a house as 2nd home or permanent residence, this easy access to Lisbon International Airport has proved to be a compelling factor in choosing Cascais over other destinations. The number of foreign citizens keeps increasing from countries such as Brazil, Russia, China, Angola, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, India, Lebanon and from many other European origins (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands, Scandinavia, etc). Many of these seek a quite, safe, astonishing while accessible access to an international workplace. Whether you come for business or leisure, your trip will certainly be above your best expectations.

For all these reasons, if you are thinking about visiting Portugal anytime soon, you should know that Lisbon International Airport is not only simple, comfortable and with quick access to Lisbon city centre, but also allows you to reach, in the blink of an eye, a paradisiacal beach or Cascais urban centre. You’ll certainly feel at home.

By the way, Lisbon International Airport has just one disadvantage. For the most privileged of those that live or visit Cascais and frequently travel in their own private jets, Lisbon Airport cannot compete with Cascais Airport, within 10 minutes driving distance from Estoril, Cascais centre and main hotels in the region.

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