Cascais in Paris


The proverb says, “If the mountain won’t come to Muhammad then Muhammad must go to the mountain”. In our case this isn’t really true as the number of tourists and French investors in Portugal has grown dramatically over the last 2 years.

France’s attention and interest for tourism in Portugal, business and property-wise is increasing. There are even some noble areas of Lisbon where hearing someone speaking in French is as common as listening to Portuguese.

For all these reasons, Cascais went to Paris, to reveal all its charms and to seduce the City of Light with its grace. The success of this trip couldn’t have been better.


To define Living in Cascais in a recipe, the ingredients would be as following:

17 dream beaches, 30 km of shoreline, 1 generous portion of nature and astonishing landscapes, 300 days of sun, 30 minutes away from a reference European capital – Lisbon, laid back informal atmosphere to season, 1 handful of “breath-taking houses”, 1 pinch of mystery and some others of glamour and sophistication, 1 generous dose of high quality services and health equipment, excellent education, culture, leisure and sports to taste, enough quantity of animation and nightlife, all watered with authenticity and charisma.

This was the simple yet sophisticated recipe that Associação de Turismo de Cascais, in partnership with the program Visit Portugal, of Turismo de Portugal and AICEP Portugal Global – Trade & Investment Agency – had the opportunity to reveal, present and promote, last December 3rd.

The major event, held at the Yacht-Barge Liberty was chaired by Duarte Nobre Guedes, president of the Associação Turismo de Cascais, welcomed different entities and personalities relevant to the main goal of this initiative – to reveal the new real estate and fiscal opportunities for residential tourism and foreigners retired in Portugal, also promoting the special attributes of Cascais as the best place to enjoy life quality.

This gathering served simultaneously as a networking opportunity between French and Portuguese real estate agencies, specialists in law and fiscal matters, bankers and entrepreneurs, who had the opportunity to trade information, clarify and be clarified on the advantages of investing in Portugal and in particular in Cascais.

In 2013, more than 2.200 French people bought a house in Portugal, a number that could reach 20.000 by the end of 2015, according to the latest estimates of the French-Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

But why should they choose Cascais?

Because of its life quality, driven by the air and water quality, the low urban impact, the healthy balanced environment, all this with every commodity of a major city.

Because of the sun and constant light, which allow you to practice sports, such as tennis or golf, 365 days a year.

Because of its riches planted on an historic past, still found living today in the smallest details present in architecture, culture and eclectic lifestyle.

Because of its landscape, between Sintra mountains and the Atlantic Ocean, which allows you to live and enjoy the best of both natural worlds.

Because of its cuisine full of intense ocean flavours, using the freshest fish and seafood.

Because of its vast real estate offer, which includes diversified proposals among the luxury segment that go beyond large apartments, to family villas, old palaces and chalets, most of them with breath-taking views over the green of the mountain or the Ocean’s blue.

Because of its strategic location. With a door open to the world and a window to peace, all due to its proximity to Lisbon’s International Airport (only 35 minutes away), thanks to the excellent choice of transportation and accessibilities available.

Because of the hospitality of Cascais’ citizens, who will immediately make you feel at home.

Because of the strong presence of sports in the municipality’s daily live: from sailing, to surf, windsurf, body board, paddle, cycling, beach volleyball, tennis, golf and even horse riding. In Cascais, “The Sports’ Town”, anything is possible.

Because of the extraordinary infrastructures in terms of health and excellency in education establishments, many of them bilingual.

Because of the fiscal benefits offered to “non-habitual residents” in Portugal, in force since January 2013, which allow any retired people from the European Union to enjoy tax exemption during ten years, as long as they have had no fiscal residency in Portugal over the last five years. This statute also covers professionals with high value-added activities, who can benefit from a reduced IRS tax of 20%

Last but not least, the safety factor. Living in Cascais is safe, day and night. Here, you will never need a bodyguard!

We all know France is romantic, that French is the language of love and that Paris is the city of lovers. However, this time Cascais has changed the game and those who fell deeply in love were the French!

Come to Cascais to discover why.











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