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Mercearia da Vila
Rua Visconde da Luz, 12 – Cascais
Tel. 214 836 481
Boutique Gourmet
Av. Nª Senhora do Rosário
Edf. Solário, nº 919 B – Cascais
Tel. 215 947 682



In Cascais, experiences enhanced by flavours and scents are taken seriously. It isn’t by mistake that Cascais has national and international recognition as a prime gastronomic destination, sought by the most demanding taste buds for its traditional delicacies, available everyday. Cascais is known for its fresh seafood dishes, its sweets, but also its gourmet stores that present a wide set of national high quality products, from the most prestigious brands, some of them reaching back hundreds of years, together with innovative, original and creative brands.

Let’s take a look at two of those gourmet spaces in Cascais.

“Mercearia da Vila” was born five years ago in the heart of Cascais, as a result of a family business project. The main idea was to join, in a single place, original products, with healthy light meals, natural juices, all within the spirit of a typical local grocery store. The main goal was to go beyond just one more gourmet store, highlights Dulce Marques, the owner, since the supply of meals and table service allows them to balance the business even during the low tourist season while increasing customer loyalty. The bet was clearly won. Known for its products from national and international brands, “Mercearia da Vila” (village’s grocery) offers a little bit of everything to all visitors, while maintaining the origins of offering selected products with handmade and regional origin next to sophisticated and diverse products. Cans, olive oil and honey are among the most sought products, by visitors and regular customers, especially foreigners who buy them to take them back to their home countries, either when they come as tourists or to offer as a present, when residents in Cascais. Also worthy of mention are their teas, biscuits, granolas and “super food”, products mostly biologic, with a strong presence in this store, from where you cannot leave without trying out something. The spirit is the same as you would find on any of those old and small groceries: a little bit of everything, with high quality, with an asset: being able to enjoy tasty healthy meals in a quiet yet cosy space.

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“Boutique Gourmet”, is a two-year-old project. However, it only opened IN August last year for business, at Nª Senhora do Rosário borough, in Cascais. In its origins was the idea and ambition of conceiving an individual brand for different gourmet products ranges. This was how SuAlma, was born, together with its original 5 souls (“almas”):

PurAlma, points out the authenticity of virgin olive oils from Alentejo, some of them flavoured. SubtilAlma, embodies delicate liqueurs. DonAlma, hosts several and original jam flavours. DivinAlma and VivAlma, the spirit of wines and sparkling wine, respectively.

All products from the brand SuAlma are 100% national and made from 100% national raw materials. Its mission is to promote the intense and characteristic flavours from our gastronomy, sometimes in bold and unlikely combinations. The secret, as revealed by the shop and brand manager, Ana Paula Amaral, lies on the almost artisanal way the products are made and in the quality of raw materials, mostly Portuguese, such as the Bravo Esmolfe apple, used in two of the jams.

Beside its own brand, “Boutique Gourmet” also has a wine and spirits cellar, national and foreign, able to seduce the most demanding connoisseurs. It also presents cans, biscuits and regional sweets as the famous and genuine “Areias de Cascais” (Cascais’ sands), it also sells tasty sausages from Beira interior and delicious bread “BOMPAO” that sells out as soon as it arrives.

With an exclusive and distinct offer, this store is increasingly sought for special offers and for finding souvenirs to take back home, after visiting a place we like. However, this is not all when it comes to innovation – in this space it is also possible to participate in workshops related to, for example, gin and cocktail preparation.







If you live in Cascais and don’t yet know these two places, special and filled with good stuff, or maybe if you are planning to visit us soon, take a note of the name and addresses of these two stores. We are positive that you’ll experience moments filled with flavour.


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