Cascais seawall :: 3kms of healthy living


The marginal road is one of Estoril-Cascais coast’s ex-libris, a true star photographed by every visitor over many years. What you might not know is that, parallel to the marginal road, there is a pedestrian seawall, away from the traffic but pleasantly close to the sense of wellbeing and leisure that everyone is looking for.

Along its 3km, the Cascais seawall or promenade, as you wish to call it, is one of the best spots for relaxation and fitness, where sunlight and physical exercise can be enjoyed together with fresh air and a nice ocean breeze.

Cascais municipality is strongly concerned about continuously improving its citizens’ life quality, one of their first priorities being their environmental life quality.

Cascais is located in a privileged geographical position and its climate couldn’t be any better. These two natural characteristics alone are so generous that taking the most of them is practically mandatory. Cascais seawall is one of the best places to enjoy both of them.

This seawall, facing the sea, sand, seagulls and offering fresh pure air, invites everyone on pleasant walks, energetic runs or into calmer moments while reading a book, a newspaper or simply gazing the sunrise or sunset. Walking, riding a bike or roller-skating, you will be able to enjoy its exceptional sea views, historic buildings, palaces or chalets, with their avant-garde or contemporary architecture.

The seawall also offers dozens of cafes, restaurants and their terraces, opened all year long, a perfect place to stop for a comfort meal, a pleasant drink or to take an aromatic espresso. There are plenty of places to stop by and even more reasons to visit them. If you find the weather too hot, you can always stop for an ice cream, or two (don’t worry, if you decide to walk both ways along the seawall you will cover a total of 6km, enough to burn off all those calories).

Cascais seawall extends from Conceição beach, in Cascais, to Azarujinha beach, in São João do Estoril, and in between you can always stop for a dive before heading off to your final destination. But there’s more to it, the seawall also has several physical exercise and maintenance equipment with instructions for use, also adapted for the senior population, and including WCs.

For security reasons, bicycle circulation and pedestrians are regulated by a special schedule and conditions. All the information can be checked on panels available along the route. You don’t have a bike? No problem, you can always rent one! Ah! You can also bring your dog along, but not just to feel safe! In Cascais, lack of safety is something you will never feel.












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