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For the second year in a row, Cascais will become the main stage for some of the largest real estate meetings in Portugal, gathering brokers, specialised advisers in real estate/2nd home investment abroad as well as investors and fortune management specialists, for the presentation of investment opportunities for Real Estate Property in Cascais, Portugal.

All participants were thoroughly selected according to the target audience of the event: luxury real estate segment investors and buyers.

Let’s take a peek of the event that participants will experience during these four memorable days.

Between 25th and 29th October, Cascais will do its best to seduce and surprise all the *** guests of the Living in Cascais 2016 Event.

Coming from all over the world, these top real estate specialists will have the opportunity to discover all the charm and potential this town and municipality offer all those who chose it as their main residential tourism destination or primary family address.

The organisation team knows that an uncomplicated recipe is not a sign of lacking ambition. The truth is that Cascais has all the right ingredients, at the right point and measure to leave any foreign citizen surrendered. You just have to appreciate life quality. The municipality makes an effort to ensure that on a daily basis and so you don’t need special days or events to notice.

A safe investment is always good in numbers and here are the numbers Cascais has to offer. Interest free and non-repayable:

– 97 km of total area from which 32km belongs to the Natural Park and to which you should add a total of 141 parks and gardens;

– Around 30km of seashore, 17 beaches, 3km of seawall and 12.391,53m of cycling paths;

– A network of public transports with 56 buses, 1 railway, a marina and a municipal aerodrome;

– 16.326 companies;

– 42 different nationalities living within the Municipality;

– Over 11 international and bilingual schools and 1 University Campus;

To all of this, you should add the world-famous ingredients, making Cascais both a pleasant and highly popular destination: the mild sunny climate, its excellent gastronomy, kind local inhabitants and the safe laid-back lifestyle. All of this just 30 minutes driving distance from a European capital – cosmopolitan Lisbon.

Guests of the Living in Cascais 2016 event in will be hand-led in order to feel, experience and live this reality. They will discover the most emblematic monuments, discover the most beautiful trails, dine at the most exceptional restaurants and experience engaging activities. And, of course, they will also be able to find the best real estate investment opportunities available in the market. What they won’t miss in Cascais is the lack of breath-taking houses.

Investing in Cascais is much more than making a good deal. From the financial aspect, that’s more than guaranteed. The true value added of the money investment here is clearly translated into a limitless and timeless exceptional life quality you’ll be able to appreciate here, from health to education, quietness to day to day safety.

The successful results of the first edition of this event, hosted last year, speak for themselves.

Cascais is ready to welcome you. Invest in this idea and you’ll see how this bet in your future is guaranteed value.

Text | Margarida Brito

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