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The decision to get married is still one of the most symbolic and emotional moments in life. This explains why every detail is thoroughly taken into account. Whether a simple traditional wedding or an exuberant one, the bride and the groom always wish to turn this day into an unforgettable one for them and their guests.

If you are planning a destination wedding, this post is for you!

In a global world it is increasingly easy for each one of us to feel like a citizen of the world. Several factors have turned the world into a small global village; among them we can pinpoint the easier ways of communicating, effortless access to means of transport – even for longer distances – the higher number of students’ exchanges, opening doors and windows to the world out there, which therefore stimulate the search for professional challenges abroad. The combination of many of these factors brew the destination weddings phenomena.

Marriages between people of different nationalities, sometimes intercontinental, and the growing desire to discover the world are two factors that boost the desire to organize a unique experience, whether through originality or the surprise in the chosen destination.

Usually, when we think of marrying we think of mild temperatures, bright lights, quietness, safety and a beach or countryside nearby. Then, we also think of being welcomed or well welcoming those we invite. We idealize excellency services, including high quality hotels to accommodate those with us. Have you already figured out that your dream is in Cascais? Not yet? If you are planning a wedding outside your country, then answer this:

Where can you find a place with around 300 days of sun a year, safe, quiet, filled with history, with a landscape drawn between the blue of the Atlantic Ocean and the green mountains of Sintra which has been enchanting several poets and writers from the whole world, throughout the centuries? Where can you find a place offering several 5 star hotels and crowned with the most exuberant photographic spots, which include epic sunsets, and all of this, only a 30 minute drive from the international airport?

Well, we know, and you won’t find a better answer than this one, and the reason is simple. In the beautiful, emblematic, historical, glamorous and picturesque town of Cascais, we have it all… among many other things that we know you will love to discover with our help. Looking for another clue? Then think about delicious and rich gastronomy.

However, for most this isn’t a surprise. Hundreds of foreign couples have already chosen Portugal and Cascais as the destination for their wedding day.

Why Portugal? Mostly for its centrality, a decisive factor when it comes to attracting guests from all over the world.

Why Cascais? For some factors that we’ve already unveiled which are, without any question, highly appealing for most couples. The existence of an astonishing coastline is certainly among the top ones.

During the decision-making stage, there is also another deciding factor; finding someone trustworthy to organise the event in a professional, efficient and safe manner. This is where our local specialist companies come in. Wedding planners have a crucial part to play to assuring that the whole process, from planning to execution on the wedding day, goes as smoothly as possible.

Joana Silveira is the responsible person for one of these companies. “Portugal Wedding Planners” has undertaken, since 2009, dozens of weddings from foreigners in Portugal, mostly in Cascais, a destination with a wide range of attributes perfect for this occasion. Joana Silveira gives us a clear example of the globalization phenomena and the weight that “centrality” brings to the table, when choosing the wedding destination: Back in 2011 she organized a wedding of a Belarusian lady with a Nigerian citizen. They both lived in New York. At their wedding, 35 guests were invited, from 14 different nationalities. More global than this is nearly impossible! Besides centrality, which other factor is important when choosing Portugal as a wedding destination? The fact of a European capital, surrounded by a coastline of wonderful beaches, being only 15 minutes away.

Portugal has another interesting triangle factor to offer brides and grooms who are looking for cultural richness in their wedding, explains Joana Silveira. The triangle Lisbon-Sintra-Cascais. The perfect geometry for a cultural, historical and gastronomic experience, which brings every foreigner, from guests to the bride and groom to surrender. You shouldn’t be surprised by now to find out that many of those who have decided to come and get married here, have previously visited as tourists and then decided to return for a wedding experience.

We know that you are already convinced. Now, all you need to do is start planning your dream wedding. If you need help, you can always contact “Portugal Wedding Planers” which can help you, from “A to Z”, to ensure that nothing will miss on this special day.

In Portugal we have a popular saying which translates into “Who gets married, wants a house”. Who knows if you’ll also fall in love with Cascais and decide to buy a house here!

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Text by Margarida Brito

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