Cascais Tutoring | CHILDREN & EDUCATION

At the time of choosing a kindergarten or any other educational facility for your children in Cascais, parents have a wide set of excellent options at their disposal.
From toddlers up to mandatory schooling years, you will find numerous kindergartens with a family environment, allowing children to grow in safe surroundings, with space to learn and feel affection. From six years old, a wide set of public and private schools offer children and their parents an answer to their specific pedagogical needs, namely when it comes to the official adopted language.
As for young adults, in their university years, besides the local options availability within the municipality, they can sign up for some of the most credentialed university campuses in Lisbon capital, only twenty five minutes away by car or train, from Cascais.

“Growing with excellency.
Cascais thinks about the education of your children!”