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Modern, bold but cosy at the same time. For Cascais’ citizens, Farol Hotel is much more than just another pretty place and it is referred to tourists on its art of welcoming.

This hotel is literally on the water and it is a common place for locals and foreigners for enjoying a special meal or a drink while gazing over the immense sunset view. More than enough reasons to visit us.

We are currently in mid November and there is no wind, the sun shines and the temperature is around 22ºC. Cascais seems to own this climate and light, almost as an invitation for enjoying these unique conditions. From the terrace at Farol Hotel you can look over the Atlantic Ocean waves breaking as they reach the Marina. This is another great day for absorbing each little attention given when visiting this amazing place.

This building’s architecture doesn’t hide its age or previous history. This chalet, built over the rocks, dates back to 1890 and used to belong to several members of the Portuguese aristocracy and corporate individuals, having even been a summer residence for D. Carlos, still a Prince then, and his wife, Princess D. Amélia d’Órleans. In mid-20th century it was converted into a lodge and in 2000, after some infrastructural works, it was widened, with a new modern wing, mixing intelligence and good taste with its original elegance. This is one of Cascais’ talents, being able to modernize, while respecting its history and origins. Farol Hotel knows quite well how to keep the flame alive, and this is why locals love it as they do.

The environment is both modern, timeless, cosmopolitan but intimate and the hotel is a guilty pleasure for the daily lives of nearby residents.

Whether you come for a business lunch, a dinner for two, British tea or an evening drink, every reason is a good reason for visiting this space. The door is always open and their is private parking .

Its two restaurants are opportunities for trying two different types of cuisine. At Mix, Chef Hugo Silva proposes a signature menu with flavours inspired in the rich, diversified Mediterranean kitchen. At Sushi Design, the fresh succulence of oriental flavours is masterly presented by Chef Nuande Pekel. Both proposals can be enjoyed on a lunch menu, making them even more desirable and accessible, two perfect success cases.

In the middle of the afternoon we are lured into Tea Time. Traditional English Tea is exquisitely served everyday between 4pm and 6.30pm. The most frequent visitors that come by to enjoy tea and the beautiful sea view at Private Lounge are, once again, locals. To the diversified menu of high quality teas, add the scones, sandwiches, cakes and fruit tarts… or even a sparkling flute.

There are also those who never miss an evening drink at Farol Bar. The hotel’s bar and its terrace, facing west, offer a unforgettable daily sunset show. Between 5.30pm and 7pm, at Happy Hour, the second cocktail or gin is on the house. A very tempting proposal for enjoying all this in good company.

Also characterising the daily dynamics of this hotel are the ever-present art exhibitions, inaugurated in a fun and glamorous environment. These art pieces can be seen within the hotel and are available for sale.

However, the relationship between Farol hotel and locals is not based merely on these common events. Due to its elegance, dimension and secrecy, many choose it for special days. One of the best examples is the fact that this was the place chosen by the famous TV actress, Daniela Ruah, performing in NCIS – Los Angeles, for her marriage, back in July 2014, with the not lesser famous double David Paul Olsen. At this intimate ceremony, every detail was thought through to the limit to make sure everything turned out perfectly, with the sea as a close witness. And it was! The 33 rooms of the hotel, almost all of them “dressed” by famous Portuguese fashion designers, were fully occupied by the couple’s guests. “I was born in Cascais and marriage became a great excuse for gathering all my friends and showing them my Country”, confessed Daniela Ruah in an exclusive interview to VOGUE, at the time of her wedding in 2014.

Now that we have unveiled this hotel, part of the Design Hotels chain, and its best kept secrets, and now that you know that even Daniela Ruah’s friends have enjoyed its countless commodities, what are you waiting for to pay it a visit?

Surrender to Cascais and its incomparable lifestyle.











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