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Cascais em Fado
Rua Visconde da Luz, n.º 43ª – Cascais
Email: geral@cascaisemfado.com
Telephone: +351 211 993 521
Mobile: +351 912 218 839

Imagine that fado escapes from one of its traditional home streets in Lisbon, to meet you at a corner in Cascais. Imagine that it invites you to enjoy the traditional flavour of the Portuguese gastronomy in a cosy environment, while it sings to you, accompanied by the guitar.

The meeting point is at number 43, Rua Visconde da Luz. Follow your heart and head to “Cascais em Fado”.

Imagine a summer night. A narrow Portuguese cobblestone street that you climb with no hurry. On the top of the street you find a discreet door that can be gently pushed. Beyond the door, the warm colour of the wall painting screams passion. “The walls hear you”, is a Portuguese popular saying and these walls definitely listen to you attentively, the sadness, the love and misfortune found in fado.

Imagine that you sit on a welcoming round table, in an intimate environment, of sophisticated simplicity. A generous portion of wine in the glass, the company of a lit candle that invites anyone into fluid conversation and trust. A meal that brings comfort to all your senses made of traditional flavours.

Imagine a chord from the guitar in the middle of the night. A pronouncement of songs that talk about the soul of a people. The firm voice, warm and experienced gives life to a century-old sentiment. “Silence please, we are now going to sing the fado”. You try, once again, the wine and put down your fork. A travel of emotions is undertaken on each note. Sometimes happy, sometimes suffered, but always reflecting its true soul.

At the discreet nº 43 of Rua Visconde de Luz, in Cascais, your five senses are invited for a feast. From the kitchen to the living room, the Portuguese traditional flavours catwalk, to which Chef’s Luís Correia has added contemporary notes.

Start, for example, with a delicious Filo pastries filled with goat cheese, nuts and honey and the subtlety of a creamy fish soup. Proceed with the noble roasted cod, or with the intense flavour of the excellent Portuguese meat. Be driven by the scent of a good wine while enjoying the surrounding environment. At “Cascais em Fado” pleasures are simple. Sophistication is found in the way things are provided to those who visit.

Every Thursday and Saturday is Fado night.

In the hands of experienced guitar players, the chords of Fado, considered, in 2011 as part of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage, echoes throughout the room and penetrate in the soul of those listening to it. With them, join the voices of the fado singers, who tell stories sung with the purest lusitano blood.

Out of curiosity, did you know that guitars also get sick? It’s true; the nobility of the wood they are made of, the delicacy of their thickness are strongly conditioned by the room temperature. The excess of heat or cold condition and change its performance by expanding or contracting the wood, which reflects on the sound they produce. That is why, similarly to vocal cords of the fado singers, they need to be treated with love and care. Those who play them know their temper, even with their eyes closed.

Image all that we have described in a warm, romantic summer night. Imagine once again, in a cosy comfortable winter night when a comfort meal is served below you, with the sound of the guitars, mixed with the raindrops, on the outside.

“Cascais em Fado” is the perfect invitation for all seasons of the year, but don’t be fooled. Before coming in, make sure you book your passport for this trip to the centre of emotions. The secret of these welcoming restaurants is already famous worldwide.

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