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Did you know that it was in Cascais that the largest, most prestigious and world’s most elegant horse-riding circuit was born? Yes it was. “Longines Global Champions Tour” was born in Cascais and it was precisely here that its first edition took place, in 2006.

Between 9th and 11th July, for the 10th consecutive time, world’s best horse riders returned to Manuel Possolo Municipal Hippodrome, in Cascais, showing off their expertise and professionalism.
This event’s prestige is no longer a secret, but we have some other secrets that you probably don’t know yet which we would like to share with you.

Since the days when the monarchy made Estoril-Cascais coast its resort and entertainment haven, Cascais has developed a close relationship with horses and horse riding. D. Carlos I, the last but one of the Portuguese kings, also a fan of nature and sports – namely sailing and horse riding, was one of the greatest boosters of this sports genre.

You shouldn’t be surprised that the interest and dedication to sport and horse-riding activities is deeply rooted in Cascais inhabitants’ lives and, for that reason, there are many horse-riding schools and even a hippodrome, Manuel Possolo Hippodrome, where the Portuguese stage of the “Longines Global Champions Tour” took place.

Located on the heart of this town, surrounded by the green beauty of Marechal Carmona’s romantic park, the history of Cascais Cidadela (the fortress), Condes de Castro Guimarães Palace and by culture of Cascais Cultural Centre and Paula Rego’s “Casa de Histórias”, Cascais’ Hippodrome gathers all the necessary conditions required to host this championship race. Every year, all visitors that come to Cascais to attend this event, leave completely surrendered by Cascais’ charms.

In the beginning of this global tour there was a dream, the desire and ambition to create a horse-riding championship that would not only gather the best practitioners of this sport, worldwide, but that could also be realised, through its different stages, in places of exceptionally unique beauty, landscape and tourism-wise. The bar was raised by Duarte Nobre Guedes – president of CSI – and Jan Tops – president of Global Champions Tour and former Olympic champion of this genre. The original idea was bold and innovative, even visionary. That was the recipe for success that gave this championship its current notoriety and distinction, from the first edition till today.

The first edition, in 2006, included 5 competitions and, even then, a much superior prize-money than any other championship. The goal was to attract a social atmosphere of prestige and a different concept from any other of the time. Today, the tour includes five stages that take place on three different continents, starting in Miami USA and finishing in Doha Qatar. The bet was surely won. All these stages occur in dream places that promote the quality of this worldwide event as well as the countries that host it.

This year, for the 10th consecutive time, the main international show-jumping competition realised in Portugal, CSI 5*, has returned to Cascais with a prize-money of 500.000,00€.
For three days, between 9th and 11th July, the main elite of horse riding came to jump in Cascais. The 10 world’s best horse riders, ranking FEI, checked in and showed off their expertise, skill and professionalism.

The 9th biggest event from this worldwide horse-riding circuit, included 4 stages and culminated with the big victory of the British horse-rider that, together with Hello Sanctos, won the barrage of the Great Prize, in 36,29 seconds, entering directly onto the podium.

In second place was Abdullah Al Sharbatly, with Domingo, finishing the circuit in 37,90 seconds. Following, in 3rd place, was Greg Broderick and his mount MHS Going Global, with 40,97 seconds.
On the 9th July, horse-riders went through recognition of the hippodrome in a “Warm Up” session. On the 11th, the Belgian Gregory Wathelet won the 1st race, and the Italian Emanuele Gaudiano won the 2nd.

Also important to highlight is the excellent participation of the Portuguese riders. Luciana Diniz – current leader of the tour with 246 points, classified for the 2nd hand of the Great Prize, occupying the 9th position with Winningmood, after completing the circuit in 73,22 seconds. Besides Luciana, there is also João Pereira Coutinho, who deserved a special attention after classifying for the 6th place on the 1st circuit and João Pedro Gomes who, together with Amemoi O Sandor, finished the 3rd circuit in 5th place. Expressive proofs that horse-riding runs in Portuguese veins.

After 10 years, Cascais and the organisation team of CSI couldn’t be prouder of the projection, notoriety and prestige that “Longines Global Champions Tour” has brought to this municipality and to the country. Knowing how to welcome those who visit us is part of our lifestyle, but knowing how to welcome with style is our brand image.

The millionaire league of worldwide horse-riding returns to Cascais in 2016, but you don’t have to wait so long to visit us. The summer is here to stay and there are many reasons to enjoy the best of our landscape and climate. What are you waiting for? Come over!







7photographic credits | Aurélio Grilo

8photographic credits | Aurélio Grilo

9photographic credits | Aurélio Grilo


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