Living in Cascais 2015 :: Living in Cascais during a 4 day event


Portugal is a trendy destination, without question!

Portugal’s charming spots have been, over the last few years, under the spotlight of many international publications. In addition, several awards have been granted for its best destinations within the tourism sector

Nonetheless, when looking specifically at our rich and diverse heritage, there’s a special place that has never gone unnoticed. Cascais has always been Portugal’s crown jewel, a town that, has seen noble and demanding visitors surrender to its charms since the beginning of the last century, many of whom came to stay.

During October, once again, Cascais invited its eternal lovers. Get to know everything about the exclusive event Living in Cascais 2015.

Between 13th and 16th October, Cascais was main stage for an exclusive event, flagged by Cascais Tourism and under the umbrella of Living in Cascais brand.

The main goal of this initiative was to replicate the experience of “living, tasting and drinking” Cascais true lifestyle and life quality, for three days. The results couldn’t have been any better.

It was quite easy to see this demanding audience surrender, composed of potential investors from Russia, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, United Kingdom and Angola. When it comes to conquering hearts and firing emotions, Cascais is a consensual destination, it is as special and peculiar as it is transversal and generic.

Cascais’ mild Atlantic climate establishes its captivating personality; its Gastronomy, characterised by natural intense sea flavours enchants the palate; its astonishing landscape, oscillating between deep ocean blue and fresh mountain green, colours your mood; its architectural riches keep the memory of the golden days alive, a time when Cascais was the main tourism and residential destination of Europe’s monarchy and aristocracy; its laid back and charming lifestyle all being factors that make Cascais into a rare and desirable location.

This whole universe of elements was shown and offered to this event’s participants, who were given the possibility to try out different experiences feeding their five senses. Such experiences took place in iconic locations among which we find Viva Marinha Hotel & Suites, Palácio Estoril Hotel, Oitavos Country Golf Club, Casino Estoril and Farol Hotel. In addition, all participants were invited into gastronomic tastings in reputable restaurants such as Marisco na Praça, Arola (with two Michelin stars), Porto de Santa Maria and Maria Pia.

This deluxe program wouldn’t be complete without the equally important nature-related experiences. Parts of Cascais’ life quality perks include the possibility of being constantly aware of the surrounding landscape through the different environmental ingredients. Guests of this event had the opportunity to enjoy both land and sea, on a sailing tour and a visit to Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, classified as World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

From the investors’ perspective, the presence of international brokers/advisers, carefully selected and specialists in Real Estate/2nd Home Investment abroad was one of the main advantages of the event, as they presented them with the real estate property investment opportunities in Cascais and Portugal. During these presentations, investors’ were given all the available information about Cascais’ luxury real estate portfolio.

Besides this, during the program, investors also learnt about the advantages of the favourable tax regime for non-resident foreigners, granted by the Portuguese government, as well as the advantages associated with the Golden Visa Portugal Program. Altogether, these benefits support the foundations of potential investments as a unique opportunity to make a safe, value-added investment, through the acquisition of a house in Cascais and, broadly speaking, in Portugal.

If living with quality, safety, in a good climate and space to be happy are part of your future plans for you and your family, then you should visit Cascais. We are sure that you will come for a reason but stay for many.

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