Lumina Festival :: Cascais Town of Light


With nearly 300 days of sun per year, light in Cascais is something that you will never miss. However, in Cascais, light is also the motto for culture and vanguard technology. Once every year, for three days, this town is the main stage for an ambitious illuminating festival.

For the 4th consecutive time, LUMINA Light Festival brought a show of colour, lighting and movement to Cascais, livening up the town’s nights, making it even more beautiful and charming. Between 11th and 13th of September, every street, monument and corner of the historic area of Cascais was highlighted with pieces from different countries, and spread along the “Path of Light”, creating moments of discovery, magic and great emotion for all those that discovered them.

LUMINA 2015, came with more light than ever, under the theme “Four Seasons”. For this years’ visitors a surprising circuit was offered, distributed along four major paths which corresponded to the four seasons of the year: Four different artistic atmospheres under a single lit walk. In the art history many representations and reinterpretations of the seasons of the year were portrayed, and so LUMINA 2015 decided on an approach to the cultural with a contemporary vision of the eternal art of light, in a surprising dialogue with tradition. The successive atmospheres, concrete and imaginative, functioned as an ephemeral night calendar. At the climax of spring there followed a summer night, the autumn leaves and a trip to winter. Never before have all the yearlong seasons passed so quickly, nor so magically through your senses!

All this unmissable constellation of urban interventions included dynamic multimedia installations, monumental video-projections, interactive sculptures and participative sculptures. The circuit crossed previously selected spots such as gardens, the beach, Cidadela, the bay, museums, and different town corners, to be lived in family or friends, meeting history and culture.

LUMINA is without any doubt a unique event. Produced by the OCUBO agency and with artistic direction by Nuno Maya and Carole Purnelle, this event is grounded on the concept of a high quality urban experience, with great diversity of plastic languages and total accessibility to content. This year, more than 40 artists from 15 different countries participated and, for the first time, artists from Australia, USA, Turkey and Spain.

In 2015, Humanity celebrated the International Year of Light (IYL). An initiative developed by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), light is at the centre of a world debate on how to improve the living conditions of world’s citizens.

IYL 2015 is a global initiative that aims to convey the message of the importance of optic technologies related with light in our daily live. A unique opportunity to inspire and educate in a global scale.

Ocubo participated in the opening ceremony of IYL 2015, held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris, with the multidisciplinary project “Light is Here”, invited by the Finnish artist Kari Kola.

Ocubo is the official partner of IYL2015 | UNESCO and LUMINA 2015 is one of the numerous official events integrated in the celebrations, which proves once again that Cascais town is constantly in the spotlight due to its quality and the municipality’s participation in a sustainable future for all.












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