Cascais Wine Market


Portuguese wines are true ambassadors of our culture, all around the world. Complementing our gastronomic heritage, wine production is a very traditional industry with different characteristics throughout our territory. Tasting Portuguese wines is an excellent way to discover our soul and identity, through flavours and aromas. This was the mission of the Cascais Wine Market, hosted for the second year in Mercado da Vila (Town Market) in Cascais.

There are many written evidences that prove that inhabitants from the northwest of the Iberian Peninsula drank wine, more than two thousand years ago. In fact, records state that Portuguese wine was exported to the Roman Empire, where the Portuguese gods’ nectar conquered Rome. However, the most famous relationship is with the British market, due to the success that Port Wine achieved during the XVIII century. Portugal has the oldest appellation system in the world – this word comes from the French Appellation d’origine controlée which in Portugal is currently known as DOC, Denominação de Origem Controlada (similar to protected designation of origin). This points to the area of Douro Demarcated Region. This northern region of the country produces some of the most refined, exclusive and valuable wines in the world.

For all this, Portuguese wine is still nowadays one of the major products of national export. Nonetheless, an increasing amount of national wines win international awards, medals and honours from worldwide sommeliers.

Portugal has been able to not only keep the quality of its most charismatic flavours, rooted in national castes, but also innovate above one of its most ancient traditions.

Portuguese wine producers have a remarkable capability for creating and presenting bold proposals, introducing new notes on traditional flavours, inviting connoisseurs and fans for challenging tasting experiments.

All these reasons are more than enough to give Cascais the motivation needed to host a theme market totally dedicated to wine, which is what happened, for the second time, between 29th April and 1st May in Mercado da Vila (Town Market). Around forty producers gathered around the theme of “Summer Wines”, in a showcase where white wines, rose and sparkling wine from different regions of Portugal were discovered and tasted by its visitors.

As a curiosity you might be interested to know that there is a famous, traditional wine being produced in the Cascais council area: Carcavelos wine. Due to its quality and individual characteristics it was even sent to the Court in Beijing as a present from King D. José I. Some even state that the Duke of Wellington surrendered to its virtues during his stay in Portugal in the XIX century, while commanding the Portuguese and British military forces in defence against Napoleon’s army. The English troops took Carcavelos Wine with them, making it very famous in one of the biggest markets abroad. Although this wine was nearly extinguished, due to a temporary less-prosperous time, Cascais city council made a strong investment on the recovery of this liquorish, topaz-resembling coloured wine, soft and delicate, with an almond flavour and a characteristic perfume.

With the summer knocking at your door there’s nothing better paying us a visit and pleasing yourself with our gastronomy and good wines. It is worth tasting the best that Portugal and Cascais have to offer you. At the Portuguese table, there’s always space for one more.



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