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In Portugal, Christmas is a special season rich in traditional flavours, family parties and rituals that are fondly repeated year after year, as a cultural legacy.

If you are thinking about spending Christmas in our country or if this is your first Christmas here, you can expect great human warmth and a cosy welcome.

Talking about the Portuguese Christmas is basically talking about family and friends gathering around the table.

The traditional steamed codfish with vegetables is served on the Christmas Eve and stuffed turkey on Christmas day. With them come the delicacies, ever-present in every Portuguese home: “rabanadas”, “sonhos” (literally translated as dreams), “azevias”, “doce de ovos”, “aletria” and the famous “Bolo Rei” (King’s Cake). Of course, another equally important element on the table is a top Portuguese wine, as well as some Port and brandy to drink by the fireplace.

If you think Portuguese people are quite sociable and courteous, just wait till you see them during this time of the year. Meeting friends for long meals, exchanging presents, strengthening the importance of relationships, childrens’ school parties, everything and anything becomes an excuse break down social distance and just be there, hugging and chatting with each other. For us Portuguese, a table and a group of endearing friends is all we need to make a simple day into a great event.

However, there are certain places in our country where all this becomes even more vivid. Cascais is a perfect example of it.

In Cascais, to the natural kindness of people, joins its warm climate. It is easy to walk around in comfortable warm clothes while enjoying the intensity of the radiant winter sunbeams. You can walk around Town, shop in local commerce, stop for a sip of hot chocolate on a terrace, eat some hot chestnuts or walk along its immense beaches always partnered with the good climate and with no need for snow gear, umbrellas or cloaks. This is one of Cascais’ brand images.

By this time every year, and similarly to what happens almost around the whole world, streets gain a special colour and light: small markets can be found in the parks and squares, bringing along seasonal snacks and craftwork, entertainment fills the streets and cultural events enrich the cities’ agenda, colourful lights and people fill the streets, as the year ends. These are rituals repeated every year, traditions preserved, kind gestures and words that warm peoples’ souls. Cascais is a safe haven, also in for this reason. A place that welcomes everyone as a friend or another member of the family and where there is always another place at the table. Don’t you believe it? Try it for yourself!

Leave the formality at home. Come, get in, and help yourself. Settle down, curl up and stay for a while. This Christmas you are our guest. Bring your family and celebrate life!










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