What they say about us :: Cascais is back in the spotlight!


Throughout the last decades, Cascais has been admired and referred to by its qualities and characteristics in different communication channels worldwide. Even Ian Fleming himself fell in love with its charm and class, having been inspired by the Estoril Casino for the script of his film Casino Royal and to the construction of his most famous character, James Bond.

Since its golden days, namely during the period of the 2nd World War, it has served as a shelter destination and passage point for numerous royal and aristocratic families and even war spies. Till these days, Cascais has had the capacity of keeping everyone interested in its best resources. The formula is simple, Cascais has learnt how to keep and feed the old time glamour while modernizing itself without losing its identity, while nourishing the strong bond with the sea and nature. To be fair, this unique destination has been able to develop like no other and this is the main reason why the media have been astonished and delighted with its charming secrets.

During the year of 2014, many references have been made to Cascais, both as a tourism and a residential destination, elected by many at different levels.

Business Traveller France, has considered Estoril as the Beverly Hills of Portugal and mentions that with great frequency, international enterprises choose this destination to organize conventions and seminars.

Financial Times, on the other hand, entitles an article “Portugal’s climate and lifestyle draw funds to education and health care”, dedicated to the value-generating opportunities in this municipality, an attractive centre for safe investment at these levels.

Le Figaro, doesn’t hesitate on calling it the “Portuguese Riviera”, ranking high its culture, sports, commerce, gastronomy and all the magical glamour present in this town, impossible to miss by all of those who visit it. A clear invitation to discover Cascais is offered to all readers, especially during the warm autumn season.

In May, the Paris-Match published a curious article that has drawn the attention to Cascais’ promotion under the following title: “Weekend chic dans les Hamptons Portuguais – un air de Riviera que nous amène entre Saint-Tropez et la Nouvelle-Angleterre, à deux heures de Paris”. We confess that we could have never found such a good description to summarize the golden mixture of this town.

The magazine Point de vue has dedicated an extensive article to the Duchess of Anjou and Cadaval, married to the Duke Charles-Philippe d’Orléans, resident in Estoril, in which she revealed the best secrets of this location, including leisure and gastronomy. To the question “which do you consider the greatest perks of living in an all-year-long holiday destination”, Diane d’Orléans answered: “C’est un vrai bonheur que ce coin de paradis, il fait beau presque toute l’année. Cela m’a permis de monter une agence quis propos aux vacanciers des maisons à louer, allant même jusqu’à orchestrer des mariages les pieds dans l’eau. Tout est à portée de main, plages, casino… à seulement vingt minutes de Lisbonne. Par ailleurs, mon pays est um pays sûr et tranquille, l’un des derniers endroits de rêve en Europe.”

Also, the well-known magazine Monocle announced, with special highlight, on the cover of last August’s edition “Why we should all move to Cascais”. And why? According to this publication, at the top of the list of reasons is the privileged location: close to a great city yet away from confusion. What else? Living every day as if it was weekend; the architectural and landscape surroundings; the light and sun; the gastronomical pleasures, from which they highlight the fish and fresh seafood, caught alongside this town’s coastline; its rich history, since the period when it was a coastal resort for the Portuguese monarchy, to the exile of several members of European Royal Chambers, including the last king of Italy, Humberto II; the calm and clear waters of its beaches; the mild climate; the time to taste it all, without rush; the 3km of seawall, to be enjoyed while jogging and biking, a part of the lifestyle of those who live here… “It´s hard to find a place offering so much in a compact space. Cascais is the one”, is quoted at the end of this article.

Do we need to say more to convince you that this is a place where there are only good reasons to live and be happy?



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