Guincho Beach :: Where nature and adrenaline join new friends for life


If you dream with a beach of calm waters, refreshed by a soft breeze, you can stop reading right now. Guincho is a beach for those who enjoy adrenaline rushing in their body and have a soul filled with the forces of nature. On the other hand, if you like to test your limits and enjoy the waves and the wind, this can be the beach of your life.

Guincho Beach is one of Lisbon’s biggest beaches, always competing with Carcavelos beach for the title, within the boundaries of Cascais. With near 800 meters long, its extensive sand area is exposed to the strength of the north wind, many times considered an enemy of those who come to this beach to tan their skin, lying on their sandy towels. The sea, with a character of the Atlantic, offers the frequency of the defying waves imposing some respect and able to scare some grown men, when it’s time for bathing.

These are precisely the same characteristics that offer unique qualities for the practice of windsurf, placing Guincho beach on the route of European and Worldwide circuit of this sport, among other national and international famous tournaments. For this reason, besides windsurf practitioners, also surfers, bodyboarders and kitesurfers are very happy on this beach, making it one of the most famous international beaches in Portugal. Here, on the same day, conversations frequently flow in English, Italian, Spanish, French and German. And, if you look closely enough, you’ll see that many of the participants of these conversations have an intimate relationship with the environment, as if they were long-time friends. Truth is, many of them are. Whether because they live around here or because this is a mandatory spot during their visits to Portugal Bathed by the Atlantic Ocean, clean and crystal waters from Guincho Beach have diverse colours from intense blue to deep green, according to time of day and wave cycle. Sintra Mountains, framing this beach, together with the dunes offer this beach a unique beauty, intensively marked by nature on its purest state, fact that has given it international recognition at most different levels. It is, in fact, a beach with every reason to be proud of itself.

Among all these elements, dunes are its ex-libris and main responsible for “the special charm” that makes everyone fall in love. The beach is drawn, at every second, by the force of the wind during moments of great geologic dynamism. Over here, there are dunes of different types: embryonic mobile dunes that represent the first stages of dune vegetation; white dunes, that form the sandy cords near the sea; and even grey dunes, fixed, stabilised and colonized by lively vegetation more or less dense as well as abundant carpets of lichens and moss. Diversity and natural beauty are never over. The concern for preservation is also never-ending.

Last but not least, another curiosity: did you know that it was on this beach that, back on 1969, the scene of James Bond where he saves the countess Teresa de Vicenzo from attempting suicide, from the film “At Its Majesty’s Service”, was shot?

It is true that this is not a beach with an easy character and that the north wind is a regular visit, not very nice for towels. However, we don’t want you to judge Guincho beach only by a beach that accommodates adrenaline filled sportsman; there are also some calm days both during winter and summer.

The sandy extension is a great opportunity for a nice walk or jogging, for quiet reading and for letting smaller children play. It’s a guarded beach and also has medical assistance assuring that necessary assistance is given if needed, with safety. It also has two bars with a privileged view, above the dunes – the best spot to watch the sunset, together with a refreshing drink in excellent companionship. Not only to mention an astonishing and epic life show of colour that every kitesurf and windsurf offer, catwalking through the sea in their wings and sails, exposed to the strength of the wind. What you really won’t miss are excellent reasons to appreciate the pure airs from the Atlantic, the landscape and the nature on its nearly wild state.

With or without board, all the reasons are excellent reasons to meet and enjoy your day here. Wind will never be an excuse. We dare to say that, at Guincho beach, wind is the main reason to come!






























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