Living in Cascais Program

Living in Cascais is a synonym of Life Quality


When compared to other coastal areas, developed into exceptional residential districts and quality tourism destinations within Southern Europe and close to a large capital city, we confess that the only things missing in Cascais are those that you will never miss.

With a living population of slightly over 200.000 inhabitants, over an area of 97 km2, 33% of Cascais’ territory is bounded within protected land (Natural Park of Sintra-Cascais) and the remaining integrates, besides urban areas, 30km of coastline, embracing the Atlantic Ocean, seaside pathways and high quality beaches.
With an incomparable ability to match these unique features, Cascais has become a “Premium” living location for both Portuguese families and foreigners.

Cascais is the 4th richest municipality, 4th in the number of installed companies and, simultaneously and unlikely, the 7th least industrialised district in Portugal, generating 2,3% of the Portuguese GDP. We should mention that these are only some of its life quality expressions!

And what else does Cascais offer on a daily basis?
First and above all, Cascais has usually more than 300 sunny days per year – without mentioning the unique possibility to gaze at the sunrise and sunset in different spots, each with unique views.
Cascais has identity and characteristic urban aesthetics that result in a perfect alliance between urbanism and historical architecture that coexist in a sober way, with contemporary and vanguardist references.
With excellent conditions for the practice of different sports – from nautical to horse ridding, passing through motorised sports – both in and outdoor, Cascais provides all the perks of enjoyment in an active life of pure leisure.
There is a never-ending cultural agenda, assured by an annual calendar fulfilled with interesting and lively events, from the most diversified types and towards different audiences.
Cascais provides excellent healthcare services, which assure not only an individual specialised and high-quality follow-up but also complemented with modern solutions in assisted living in both specialised centres and senior homes.
Teaching facilities that provide top quality education and preparation to both children and younger students from both Portuguese and foreign families, assuring both the usage of their mother tongue, such as English, French, German and Spanish.
All those who live Cascais acknowledge and value the reality of everything available and ready to be enjoyed but are not keen on keeping it an eternal secret. The current residents of Cascais’ municipality love hosting and welcoming visitors. Moreover, they know how to do it with kindness and professionalism, from their accommodation facilities, restaurants, golf courses, shopping centres, traditional stores and entertainment centres.

Last but not least, Cascais is renowned for being a safe municipality where even during the night it is possible to wander around and circulate in total security.


Acknowledging and valuing the assets of Cascais both as a tourism destination and also a second-home, the program Living in Cascais reveals, promotes and organizes a set of actions to enable exact and ample information to all of those who want to discover more and even better this elected destination in both Portugal and Europe.

By celebrating partnerships with well-known and credible entities that have a capacity for intervening at different levels, LivinginCascais – a responsibility of Cascais Tourism Association – promotes Cascais beyond borders, as an excellent residential destination, strengthening its exceptional characteristics as well as communicating the advantages of making a safe and highly potential investment, by acquiring real estate.

With this undergoing program, all of those who are interested in discovering Cascais on a deeper level, delving into its unique life style for both temporary or permanent residents and specially its core attributes and differentiating aspects, will always have an updated information database at their disposal, to guide them securely on a tour even before landing.

Take this trip with us and surrender yourself to a new quiet and charming life!



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