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Siopa Chocolatier
Rua Padre Moisés da Silva, n 30
Mercado da Vila
Schedule: 9am to 8pm



Cascais is not only a Town of tradition. Innovation and creativity have increasingly grown their importance in the lives of not only those who live and work here, but also of those who invest here. An excellent example is Siopa Chocolatier.

Born in Cascais, this family based project is much more than just another brand of chocolate. Francisco and Alda Siopa have created “signature chocolates”. In each bite, we are driven on a trip of intense and challenging experiences of taste, a joint result of the perfect harmony between bold flavours, knowledge and the hard work of experimentation.We want to tell you everything. Come with us and discover.

It all started around twenty years ago, when the authors met each other at a chocolate-themed workshop. Since then, not only have they built a family of their own, had four children, but have also been building, with creativity, knowledge, study and hard work, the ground base of a chocolate gourmet brand, famous for only using highest quality cocoa.

Francisco Siopa, head pastry chef by profession and teacher at Lisbon’s Hospitality and Tourism School is the one in charge of creativity and production. In his kitchen he envisions, experiments, tries out and meticulously analyses each new combination until he is happy with the end result. Innovation and boldness are the keywords to his work. There is no way of denying it, especially when we talk about chocolates with a taste of raspberry and basil, tomato or even sardine eggs.

What is the great secret to his success?

Besides the important distinction and difference of his products, the visible result of his capacity for innovation, the tasteful care and criteria used in choosing raw materials are, without question, the great secret that matters. For example, Siopa Chocolatier works only with original Sao Tome and Principe chocolate of 70% cocoa. The only sugar used in these chocolates can be found naturally in cocoa, and the eggs are always fresh, not industrially processed. The creation process, mixing and making the final products is always manual, close to what was done in our ancestors’ time. To obtain its unique quality, a typical Portuguese saying is applied “go slow if you want to go far”.

Another important characteristic of identity is the fact that the Siopa Chocolatier, in creating their innovative chocolates, has associated themselves to another well-known brand of national products. Virgin olive oil of Casa Anadia, from the central region of Portugal; Canned preserves of Nero, from Leça da Palmeira, in the north of the country; fleur de sel from Castro Marim, in the Algarve; Porto Wine from the prestigious centenary Grahams house are just a few examples.

Along the course, their statement and consolidation of the path has always been made in close contact with the public through appearances in fairs, markets and several other events. This way it was easier to understand what products were more interesting in the consumers’ eyes, which could be more successful while still focusing on the challenge of innovation, as regular clients often ask to try out more innovations. This was how Francisco and Alda realised that more than doing well, the bar of success was found in making the difference, in never quitting the road of innovation and being ever-able to surprise their clients. This is what they’ve done and still do, results are clear. Since March, in their own space in Cascais’ town market, regulars can now find them while new clients, attracted by “word-of-mouth” and from the attention Siopa Chocolatier has been receiving in the social media, never stop coming in. Many of their most faithful customers are precisely foreign residents in Cascais, who look for their products on many occasions, in traditional festivities, to buy chocolates for receiving family or friends or as gifts.

They are also frequently challenged by prestigious wine brands, who ask them to conceive chocolates capable of opening the palate and, by doing so, differentiating and intensifying the tasting experiences of their new products, at their own events.

At their brand new store in Cascais, we can also find their delicious creations of pastry, such as the “raspberry French thousand leaves”, the “exotic semi-cold fruits”, or the “strawberry éclair”, true masterpieces that stand out both by their visual impact and by their truly peculiar flavours.

In Cascais, it is not only traditional flavours that arouse passions and conquer new fans. The bold and innovative positioning of many entrepreneurs who invest and manufacture here make Cascais a dynamic town, known for being able to attract and fix businessmen with good ideas and new proposals. Siopa Chocolatier is, without question, a great example. You can’t miss the opportunity of meeting and trying its unique delicacies. High quality chocolates, eaten with moderation, make everyone happier, don’t imply gaining weight and are good for your health.



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