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Alexandre Herculano, nº 11 Cascais

As Portugal is a country surrounded by sea, its gastronomy is logically accentuated by the fresh, intense flavours of fish and seafood. Cascais, traditionally and historically known as a fishing town is no exception, so it’s easy to understand why so many different world cuisines, based on ocean offerings, have such a great success among us. Just like Sushi.

Cascais has always been an international town. In case you didn’t know, this was the place where the highest number of crowned heads met at the same time, in the same place. It happened during the II World War where royal members from all over Europe sought Cascais as their exile destination. Nowadays, large communities of foreign citizens still seek this town as their shelter, for living and working.

Funnily enough, the history of Sushissimo is just more proof of this.

Dayse Dutra, the owner, is a Brazilian citizen who, during a holiday trip, fell in love with Portugal and Estoril. Without thinking twice, she decided to move in. That happened 11 years ago. But what did she decide to do here? Besides finding her partner and building a family, she also opened several Sushi restaurants.

Sushissimo, now 4 years old, is her most recent project, right in the heart of Cascais’ historical centre. The menu is quite diverse with something special for every preference, including for vegetarians, vegans and all of those who enjoy fusion sushi. This is THE Sushi restaurant that you shouldn’t simply can’t miss.

The chef’s experience of more than 20 years making Sushi, is essential in assuring the quality of everything brought to the table. The freshness and intensity of flavours from fish and Portuguese seafood play the central role. But this isn’t all. At Sushissimo, the presentation of each dish is a true piece of art. Your eyes will start feasting even before you do. Each proposal is an absolute challenge to your five senses. The intensity of colour is this spot’s brand image. An interesting mixture between the intense colours of the traditional Japanese culture, present, for example, in the Kimonos and the colourful soul of the Brazilian owner.

Sushi is a food from a distant place. It comes from the ancient days when Japan used cooked rice to preserve fish, which had to be transported to distant locations. Japanese knew that rice freed acetic and lactic acid that retained the good properties of the fish for longer. Slowly, this technique of fish preservation became a dish. The acid flavour, result of the fermentation process, was replaced by vinegar and later by soy sauce, which enriched even more its natural taste.

As for fusion Sushi, its origin can be found in the United States of America, in California, and soon became a world success.

But why do all these facts make even more sense in Cascais?

Whether because of the climate, geography, lifestyle or gastronomy, Cascais keeps its tradition of conquering world citizens. You can easily guess why. There are few places on earth so eclectic and welcoming to other cultures as this.

If you are a Fusion Sushi Lover, don’t forget this proposal during your trip to Cascais. The menu at Sushissimo is a true challenge to your imagination. Don’t tell anyone, but when the desert moment comes, ask for Green tea panna cotta… it will make you want to learn how to say ‘heaven’ in Japanese!

By Margarida Brito | Text and photography

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