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In Estoril, there’s a place far more than a mere beautiful and calm beach of crystal waters. Tamariz beach is still nowadays considered a kind of postcard that keeps memories of the golden years from the end of the 20’s, from last century, when bathing was a synonym of distinction and culture.

Come discover it and dive into the past.

Due to its historic importance, Tamariz beach is one of the most famous emblematic beaches along the Estoril-Cascais coast. Let’s go back in history to understand why.

In the beginning of the last century, the interest for coastal spaces grew. With the development of public transportation and the coordination between the terminals’ location, attractions and hotels, the number of people looking to undertake activities related to health and wellbeing, leisure and tourism increased. One of the most expressive examples of this reality was precisely at Tamariz beach, due to its unique social life environment that, back then, used to agitate and liven up Estoril’s lifestyle. Hotel Palácio, together with many other small palaces that used to belong to entrepreneurs and aristocrats, the Casino Estoril and the construction of the railway that linked Pedrouços to Cascais (1889), were determinant factors in the success of this urban beach, with a landscape that has always been compared to the French Riviera.

The interest for nature and for the beautiful grandiosity of its maritime landscapes, influenced writers and painters, especially British, and contributed for developing an image of the beach as a privileged space for social interaction between city’s inhabitants. The ascension of the artistic and literary class at the time (20th century) and the growing interest for the beach is absolutely comprehensible. Reading was a habit of the wealthiest elite, who collected pieces from the greatest writers and poets, the same elite who frequently visited art galleries. For all this, the construction and frequency of the first European resorts was, above all, a cultural movement, surrounded by glamour. Who can’t avoid falling in love, still nowadays, with the epic pictures of families wearing complex bathing suits, which looked more like shorter dresses, and with the set of small striped stalls lined up on the sand?

In 1870, the Portuguese royal family itself, who used to spend summers in Sintra, changed their habits to Cascais, during September and October. Many other European royal families then adopted the Portuguese example, a determinant factor behind the “bathing” ritual that started to be seen at such resorts.

Similarly to what happened in Ribeira beach and Rainha beach in Cascais bay, in Estoril it was at Tamariz beach that, during the 20’s, the Estoril Coast Resort, worldwide famous, started to be built.

Did you enjoy this time travel? Let’s get back to reality.

Located below the Casino gardens and just in front of the train and bus station of Estoril, Tamariz beach is a nice, cosy and healthy beach, with excellent accessibilities and many support infrastructures, in line with its history and roots.

The elegant palaces from the golden years are still part of the view. To them, relaxed terraces, restaurants and bars were added, a result of new trends and preferences, which are an excellent complement to enjoy the beach but also for spending some time tasting a pleasant meal or freshening up with a cold drink.

This beach was awarded a blue flag, highest proof of water and sand quality. Tamariz beach is also classified as a beach accessible for people with conditioned mobility.

During the summer season, this beach has a permanent team of lifeguards and it’s properly signalled. It is also equipped with a First Aid Medical Office and includes an Oceanic Pool, free-of-charge.

Sheltered by the marginal road, its calm and mild temperature waters invite everyone in for a dive. The waters are calm, being the perfect safe place for children to play, another reason why so many tourists who visit Estoril Coast love this beach.

And now, after all of what you’ve just heard, what are you waiting for to dive into these crystal waters?

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