Living in Cascais with Lisbon just around the corner


The biggest advantage of living in Cascais? Making the most of quality of life, away from the the city noise.

The second? Having Lisbon as a European capital, just around the corner!

Portugal is trendy, and Lisbon, as might be expected, the centre of all attention. Here we will reveal some of its best-kept secrets. Come on over!

According to a popular fado song, Lisbon is a “young girl” and this couldn’t be truer. Even though it is seen as a mature, experienced European capital, Lisbon is still a city where we find the charm of cosmopolitan life, abounding innovation, young blood and liveliness!

The architecture of old buildings embraces contemporary architecture, the bold, innovative and appealing commerce, the streetlights and the city rhythm, inviting all to live everything intensively, 365 days a year.

From the luxurious yet classy Av. Da Liberdade (Liberty Avenue), where you will find Lisbon’s best hotels and leading international brands, to downtown, where you will be able to breathe the artistic and intellectual environment of the XIX and early XX century, to the narrow and steep streets of Bairro Alto, where the true Lisbon soul can be found side by side with typical dishes.

The excellence in gastronomy is, without question, one of Portugal’s best images and one of this country’s best ambassadors. First time visitors will definitely fall in love with the food, a stomach-grabber. Surrender yourself to it by having local meal at anywhere around the city. From the attractive street food, to the small taverns or to Michelin star-awarded author cuisine, you will always be able to find the restaurant of your dreams.

This same variety also extends to other businesses, such as shopping. Lisbon’s streets are packed with creators, designers and artists who liven up and brighten the street commerce with their creativity. In old palaces, elegant commercial galleries were born and in every corner you can find spaces and innovative proposals to seduce and challenge you.

To all this you can still add Lisbon’s numerous weekend street markets. There you can find interesting antiques, craftwork and the best organic products, from small to large farmers.

Lisbon is simply bustling!

Yet Lisbon is also an “elegant lady” who enjoys walking along the Avenue with the latest fashion. Avenida da Liberdade has always been considered the catwalk of Lisbon’s elite, in the XIX century being an elegant avenue sided by trees and decorated with statues and ponds along the Public Pathway. Today you can still find all the luxury and prestige of the world’s best brands of fashion and accessories. On Avenida da Liberdade, the only limitation you will find is your own bank account plafond.

And by night? Well, by night, Lisbon changes clothes and gets into a new rhythm in any of its many bars and trendy clubs, or its bold and original hostels, where friends gather to listen to live music, have a drink, chat and dance. At the famous Pink Street in Cais do Sodré – once crowded by sailors from one of the merchant boats just disembarked on Rio Tejo, from far-away places. Here you will experience a different environment, laid back and cosmopolitan, jumping between restaurants and bars with their own identity and charisma.

Fruit of its own history and closely related with the maritime commerce, these days it is still possible to find traces of those merchant companies which used to bring life to all those English and Irish pubs.

Ah, and the Cais das Colunas (Columns Pier), standing in front of the emblematic and historical Terreiro do Paço, from where so many boats left to discovery the world and returned filled with exotic riches and spices? A beautiful and epic location, impossible to ignore!

Lisbon is gorgeous, cosmopolitan, historical, seductive, bold and captivating, even if it is just for a walk. If you love photography, get ready! Don’t forget to bring plenty of memory cards as inspiration and points of interest are two things you will not miss!
















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