Living is Cascais is worth gold :: Golden Visa Program

Buying a house in Cascais is assuring a passport for a golden lifestyle, made even better by the 300 days of sunshine per year, the long sandy beaches where it is possible to enjoy moments of pure leisure and entertainment, offered through the Golden Visa program to foreign investors.

In Cascais the future of life quality is guaranteed, associated with incomparable advantages.

The Residence Permit for Investment Activities, known as Golden Visa, is a program created under the Portuguese Law, enabling citizens from countries not belonging to the European Union or to European Economic States, to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.

To obtain this residence permit one must make an investment in Portugal, lasting for at least 5 years, with the option of acquiring property at minimum or equal value of 500 thousand euros being one of the opportunities.

Besides the residence permit in Portugal, this program enables the free circulation within Schengen Space (26 countries) and the possibility of obtaining a permanent residence permit, as well as the opportunity of requesting Portuguese nationality, after a proven 5 years of residence confirmation. All the advantages offered through this program stretch not only to the investor but also to his or her family.

Besides the already mentioned advantages, it is also important to highlight the access to a profession or to the exercise of professional activities in Portugal, the right to family reunification, access to the law system, health and education, in equal conditions to those offered to a Portuguese citizen.

Since the publishing of Law nº 29/2012, the affluence of foreign investors, strongly motivated by a set of advantages offered by this program, has been visible and growing. The numbers speak for themselves: in only two years, more than 2200 Golden Visas were given out, representing an investment of more than 1.4 thousand million Euros. Among these, 2088 golden visas were given through property acquisition. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Portugal is making it easier to access residence permits, but it does mean that the Portuguese State have invested strongly in promoting and attracting foreign investment into the country, with particular focus on property acquisition.

In terms of investors’ nationality, China is in the spotlight, representing 88,5% of the investments made under this program. China is followed by Brazil, with a considerable expression, but also by countries such as Russia, South Africa and Lebanon, countries with strong interest in the benefits offered through this program.

And why is Cascais an attractive centre for property investment? Rita Sáragga Leal, Director of International Relations at Lawyers Society PLMK and Coordinator of Golden Visa Groups, explains it easily: Cascais has everything one could dream of when acquiring a home. An excellent climate, a safe environment at any time of day and night, a glamorous lifestyle that can also be simple and relaxed, a unique natural landscape, unique beauty in architectural design, the richness of an historical past that is still quite visible in the daily life of its inhabitants, all this associated with the advantages of living only twenty five minutes away from a European capital and still far enough so as to not experience the setbacks of a great urban centre as Lisbon. In Cascais it is easy to feel like you’re on holidays 365 days per year.

After 45 years of activity as a leading lawyer firm in juridical services, in both Portugal and abroad, and the vast experience that PLMJ has had driving the processes of Golden Visa attribution – which led to the creation of a specialised multi subject team, in order to respond timely and adequately to all the questions placed by clients in terms of residence permits, this team recognised that Cascais has had a strong focus when it comes to foreign investors interest in property acquisition.

For all these reasons, if you are thinking of making one or more property investments in Portugal, under the Golden Visa Program, you can’t miss visiting Cascais. Here you’ll find a vast and diversified supply of properties of excellence and a specialised network of operators.

If you are looking for breath taking views, dream houses (that can be palaces, full of history and contemporary architectonic projects), life quality for you and your family and a safe location to live, Cascais is definitely the right place as your destination, not only with a Golden Visa, but also with a passport to happiness.

Living the best of both worlds? Yes, in Cascais it is possible!

|Our thanks to Rita Sáragga Leal, Director of International Relations at the Lawyer Firm PLMJ and Coordinator of Golden Visa Groups | Email: • T.: +351 213 197 300


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