Living in the countryside with sea view


When you picture a quiet life in family, surrounded by natural wellbeing, it is not always easy to decide if this dream-house should be in country, or by the sea. However, there are some magical places sitting within these two realities. Cascais is one of them and this, is one of those houses.

Planted between Malveira da Serra and Guincho this is a true dream house for those looking to taste some life quality for their family. Surrounded by green fields and decorated by the blue of the ocean, marking the horizon of your new quiet life where the warm sun also meets.

This house’s large areas, both inside and out, provide you with total freedom of space to undertake any form of leisure. Inside, the sauna, the games room or the cinema are your ticket to relaxing moments, to stress-out from a hard day’s work or to share precious moments with your family and friends, during the weekend. Outside, the generous garden and swimming pool make the young ones even happier on warmer days, which in Cascais are quite common.

It was precisely all this that the current owner had in mind when starting to envision this house. This is also why every material was chosen within the perfect balance of bringing modernity while adding longevity. The view, its privacy, safety, quietness and natural framing within the mountains were the deciding elements on choosing the location.

Even though it is located within a private condo, the feeling is the same as if you were located within a small town, close to the local population, surrounded by all the advantages that smaller locations have to offer. Then, there’s the sea, the beaches, nature in its purest state within Sintra-Cascais Natural Park, the horse riding centres, golf courses… everything just around the corner. Ah! But we mustn’t forget to mention that Cascais’ town centre is only 10 driving minutes away.

When we asked the owner why would he describe this as a dream house, he didn’t flinch: “This is a dream came true. It is very good to feel that once you come through that gate, every day-to-day problem stays on the outside. As my kids started to grow and left home, heading for their own independency, the house started to feel too big for the two of us.”

If your living dream is similar to what we’ve just described, this house might be just perfect for you. The best thing you should do is come over and discover it.

For more information, contact: Carla Melo | krystel Ann Properties |

By: Margarida Brito | Text and Pictures



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