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Cascais is back in the spotlight! Back in time, in the 30’s and 40’s from the last century, while Europe was going through some dark days, Cascais was the famous refuge for the European Aristocracy and Elite. From kings to diplomats, directors and cinema artists, to writers, businessmen and bankers, they all arrived to Estoril on the mythical sud-express train, which linked this destination with Paris, attracted by its safe environment, endured by Portugal’s neutrality in conflict, mild climate, clear waters, boutiques, luxury hotels, terraces and of course the Estoril Casino.
Times changed and so did peoples desires, yet the charm, glamour and essence of the Cascais “lifestyle” still re-main, and so this town, with its privileged location, is back in fashion. Numerous magazines and newspapers, known worldwide, highlight this town – and its uncountable wonders. Each article gives you a different perspective of its unique story.
We have gathered a set of publications about Cascais on this page. Already curious? Discover everything the international press is saying about Cascais.



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Condé Nast Traveller Hombre y Océano | 2014
BBT Online | Belgium Welcome to the Sunset of Europe | 2014
The Independent | UK Cascais: Portugal's answer to Brighton | 2006
BusinessTraveler | France Estoril: Portugal’s Beverly Hills | 2014
Financial Times Portugal’s climate and lifestyle draw funds to education and healthcare I 2014
Le Figaro ◦ fr | Enjoy the charms of the portuguese Riviera | 2014
Point de Vue | Diana de Cadaval | 2014
Time Out | Estoril – 40 things to do in Costa do Sol | 2014
Sunday Times Travel | Life in the edge | 2011
Portugal_Up Magazine | Scolari interview | 2014
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The Arbuturian | Estoril: Portugal’s Playground | 2013
Monoclo | Why we should all move to Cascais | 2014
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